The Sheer Madness Dress

The Sheer Madness Dress


This dress for me carries the essence of freedom and femininity. It has the perfect amount of coverage and a very cheeky amount of sheer. It’s understated yet you want to take another look because you cant decide if the goddess wearing it is a devil or an angel. That’s why I called it Sheer Madness cause I think this is the type of dress that drives men wild! lol.

The embroidery might seem like nothing at first glance but take has a magical weaved into it! Look out for the floral deer antlers and the Lotus flower to help activate your crown chakra! This dress also has a hand sewn hidden feature sewn in the side of 7 swarovski crystals to keep your chakras in balance and 1 mala bead for you to set your own mantra on when you receive your dress. The idea is that you then tune and vibrate this mantra when you wear it. x

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Model is 165cm tall, size 8 and wears a xs/s.

We proudly produce our clothing under fair-trade working conditions. :)

Avail in 2 sizes, XS/S ( AUS 7-11 or S/M AUS 11-14)

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Composition: White dress: Poly Blend Chiffon, Machine embroidered by hand. Black Dress: Silk Chiffon, Machine Embroidered by hand. Mustard Dress: Hand-painted silk Chiffon, Machine Embroidered by hand.

Care: For best results long term we recommend to DRY CLEAN ONLY or Hand Wash in separately in cold water only. After washing, Please dry in shade to avoid fading from the sunlight. Steam, or Low-Med Iron. Protect dress from iron with a thin cloth.

Discalimer: : We have done our best to show photos of this dress true to how it is in real life. In the White and Mustard dress we left the model nude when taking pictures from the back so you could see the transparency of the dress. We believe the White dress appears slightly more see through in real life from the front then the pictures indicate. All the dresses are see through and we recommend you either embrace this as the feature of the dress and wear a bikini or lingerie underneath, or to keep the dress more modest you can wear add a slip.

The White dress is made from a Poly?chiffon blend as Silk chiffon doesn’t not come in white. The price of the white dress is lower to reflect the difference in qualities of material. The Mustard and Black dress which are made from Silk chiffon.

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