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    Ganesha’s Got your Back – Bathrobe

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    Handpainted, with love. Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, son of Shiva and Parvati, using any means, devious or not, to remove ignorance in the devotee. This peice is for your protection and here to help you remove your obstacles where they be physical or meta physical. Offer your heart to this peice and then all you need to do is trust that 'Ganesha's got your back'. This is a collaboration peice with myself and my beautiful friend, producer, and Hand-Batik Specialist Ratna Folle from Mata Dewi. It has been a dream for us to produce something together for quite a few years, making this Bathrobe not only a peice of ART but also a peice of HEART. This Ganesha is her original design and we have worked together to add some new design elements including the flower of life and swarovski crystal detailing to make it signature to 'Warriors of the Divine'. It is hand painted in accordance with ancient batik practice by skillful Balinese Artisans in Ubud, Bali. We proudly produce our clothing with a loving vibration under ethical working conditions. Each worker involved in producing this garment receives at least the minimum fair wage as outlined by the indonesian government and a safe and ventilated working condition. Sizing: S/M: 140cm length, longer sleeves. Back width 66cm XS/S: 130cm Length, shorter sleeves. Back width 66cm Model wears size S/M in all the photos and is 174cm tall and size 8-10 Australian. If you wish to have no Swarovski Crystal detailing on the face and crown of Ganesha, simply select the option in the color menu 'without Swarovski beading'. Photos not avail without beading for Maroon and Cream colors. For further information about this product please see information below the product photo.
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    ‘Atoms of the Universe’ Slip Dress – Viscose

    Hand-painted with Love. This dress is designed to keep you aligned with the universe and vibrating the cosmos! This gorgeous slip dress is hand painted and features a stunning scooped back-line. It is hand screened with 'Atoms of the Universe' created by artist Maria from 'Say Hola' across the front and back. At the sides of the dress are adjustable ties to vary the length. At the end of the tie dangle a beautiful Jewell by designer Rachel Griffin from AMARI. Please note, the model is size 8 and 174cm tall, so the dress looks rather short in the pics. If you are 170 cm or less the length will be fine. It is designed to be shorter at the front and more coverage at the back too! x Please see below the product image for additional information about this product.
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    ‘Ode To Bali’ – Kimono – Musk

    'Ode to Bali' This kimono for me carries the essence of the beauty, free spirit and loving vibration of Bali and the Balinese people. To make the material for this kimono we use 7 separate screens, with each color screened by hand until whallah!! ..we eventually get this beautiful combination of print and color! Kimonos are my favourite thing in the whole wide world to wear ( he-he ..you may have noticed! ). Lounge around at home in it, belt it as a dress, chuck it over a slip dress or team it with cut-off denim and boots - my FAV way to wear it! x We proudly produce our clothing under fair-trade working conditions. :) Sizing: One size fits all, length 130cm Model is a size 8 -10 and is 175 cm. Please note: This kimono is currently pre-order only. You can order it now to be the first to receive it in our first drop, expected to land by 10th DEC. Please scroll down to read more information about this Kimono.
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    Short Long Angel Wing Kaftan – Silk

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    Hand-painted, with love. Expect a miracle when you wear this kaftan. This stunning silk kaftan is my signature design and carries the energy and guidance of Archangel Gabriel. Designed as a top, it's short at the front with long floating angel wings at the back. Wear it to yoga with leggings, wear it to dance and kirtan, and for a beautiful urban angel look wear it with some scuffed boots and cutt of denim and sling a bag over your shoulder. Then ...spread your wings and spread your angel dust wherever you go! It is hand painted in accordance with ancient batik practice by skillful Balinese Artisans in Ubud, Bali. Feel protected and luxurious when you wear your wings and wear it as an expression of the divinity that lives within you. We proudly produce our clothing under fair-trade working conditions. :) Avail in 2 sizes. XS/S: AUS 7-11. S/M AUS 11-14. * Please note: Black with Caramel wings is currently sold out in both sizes but avail for pre-order with a delivery date expected of between Jan 20th - Feb 10th, 2018. For further information about this product please scroll down below the product photo.
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    Atoms of the Universe Kimono – Silk

    Hand-painted with Love. This Kimono is designed to help you vibrate the cosmos! This gorgeous silk kimono is hand painted and then hand screened with 'Atoms of the Universe' symbols - created in collaboration with beautiful artist Maria from 'Say Hola'. Scroll the pictures to check the meanings of the symbols. It also features hand carved angel wings tassels on the front for some extra DIVINE energy. We proudly produce our clothing with a loving vibration under Fair-trade working conditions. Please note, the model is size 8 and 163cm tall. Please see below for additional information about this Kimono.
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    Be a Mermaid – Kaftan

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    'Be a Mermaid' I wanted to create a dress that I could access my inner mermaid energy in, and connect deeply to the ocean - but I didn't want to look like I was 12! This is what I ended up creating. I hope you love and connect to your inner JOY and make a splash when you wear this dress. x To make the material for this kaftan-dress we hand tie-dye the material with the colors of the ocean and the sand to produce this gorgeous patterns and color combination. I've also used a special weaved cotton for this kaftan that has a subtle shine which really brings out its magic! *Due to the hand-made process of this Kaftan, the color and pattern in each Kaftan is unique. Please read further information below regarding color variance. This dress features 7 Swarovski crystals and 1 Mala bead sewn into the side seam. The crystals are there to balance your chakras and the Mala bead is there for you to set your own Mantra on when you receive the dress. Then, when you wear the dress you are reminded to vibrate that mantra all day or all night long. Mantras I like to use are 'I am enough' or "I am beautiful' but you choose whatever works for you! x Please note: as this dress is not a digital print and is dyed by hand we cannot guarantee that the dress will be EXACTLY the same as the sample picture, however it will be VERY similar. We have cut each dress to match as closely to the sample dress as possible. Designed to wear with just your bare-feet, or team it with some sandals and a bag. Perfect for kirtan or before and after yoga. We proudly produce our clothing under fair-trade working conditions. :) Avail in 2 sizes, XS/S ( AUS 7-11) or S/M (AUS 11-14) Model is a size 8 and is wearing a XS/S. Please scroll down to read more information about this dress.



Angel Wing Kimonos

Click on the image to shop our signature Angel Wing Kimonos. Hand-painted with love in accordance with ancient batik practice. Now avail in Silk and super soft viscose and designed for women whose thoughts wander off the edge of the world.

Come on Retreat with us to BALI!

We are offering a magical, 8 night Retreat In Ubud, Bali from 28th October – 5th November 2017. It will be a magical week with morning Kundalini yoga, visits to ancient temples, a blessing from a Balinese High Priestess, an astrology and full moon workshop, a full day with Lisa painting your own angel wing kimono infused with your own love and prayers, sound medicine with Shervin Boloorian and a sound journey with world renowned psychic ‘White Star’. Enjoy luxury villa accommodation, delicious meals, real conversations and more…for more details or to sign up click here.

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