Thank you for your enquiry to be a stockist with Warriors of the Divine.

We are currently stocking with a lot of success into International destinations USA, Middle East (Dubai), Australia, Germany and Sweden. In order to become a stockist of ‘Warriors of the Divine’ we usually look at the retailer and make sure that the overall branding of their online or retail boutique is professional, in line with our branding and price point, and stocks other labels within a similar branding and price point.

We are also a label that wishes to send out a loving and abundant vibration in all areas that we work in the business. We believe in sharing and supporting people we do business with conscious communication and ‘abundance for all’ philosophy.

Terms and Conditions


  • The minimum order to stock with ‘Warriors of the Divine’ is $1500. For ongoing orders this minimum spend of $1250 is required.
  • All orders are custom made please allow 6 to 8 weeks for ‘Warriors of the Divine’ to fulfill your order. Orders usually take on average around 6 weeks to complete, however during Christmas ordering periods production can take longer. Please also keep in mind our product is hand-painted, so rainy season in Bali also affects us and slows down the process. Ordering from September – February can sometimes be slower than anticipated so please plan your ordering at these times of year.
  • As long as minimum ordering requirements are fulfilled, we offer Store Owners the option to purchase at Wholesale – 25%. We encourage you to purchase additional clothing at this price for yourself and to be worn in store by your staff. We gladly extend this offer also if you wish to run a promotion/competition/giveaway at your store.
  • Orders are placed monthly with our supplier strictly on 1st of each month. 40% deposit is required to commence production of your order. If the deposit is not received, the order will not be processed.

Towards the end of each month you can check online our wholesale information section on our website and check what is available to order in single quantities. For example ‘Warriors of the Divine’ may already be ordering stock for the website in certain colors and styles. You can then order those colors or styles already being ordered by us in single quantities without minimum requirements of 5 pieces. This allows you a greater selection of styles and colours.

If single quantity ordering is not available in the style you want then most products require a minimum order of 5 pieces for ordering. This will be specified online in the ordering process. So for example, Archangel Gabrielle Kimonos in silk must be ordered to our supplier in quantities of 5. So you must order 5 kimonos in the same color which can be broken into the two lengths. For example you could order 3 x 85cm Black with Silver wings and 2 x 105cm Black with Silver Wings in the same color and style kimono. Bathrobes are separate and must be ordered separately with minimum order of 5 pieces.

When you become a stockist you will be issued with a password. You can login and access what stock is available for immediate purchase whenever you like. Stock can be purchased from our stock list and sent within 3 business days. We attempt to keep popular styles in stock, but stock levels fluctuate so we encourage you to not rely on this method for ordering and to place your orders in advance prior to the 1st of each month.


Warriors of the Divine specialize in hand-made, hand-painted bohemian luxe clothing. The clothing has a Boutique price point as it is of the highest quality and made with love in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Please note that as most of our clothing is hand-painted inconsistencies should not be considered as flaws, but as an integral part of the garments which confirm it’s hand-made process.


  • You can pay by Direct Deposit or credit card via paypal (credit card payment does incur a 3% surcharge) For International ordering (outside of Australia) a fee of around $22 AUD is usually charged for Direct Deposit, therefore, if it is possible for you it will be cheaper to pay via direct deposit.
  • All orders require a 40% deposit to commence production. Orders are ‘made-to-order’ so once the deposit is finalized it is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.


  • All shipping costs are charged to the retailer. Shipping can be roughly calculated at $3min – $6.50 max per item depending on where you are located and the styles you buy – heavier styles will increase the shipping cost.
  • We ship fully tracked by EMS International from our painting house in Bali Indonesia direct to you. You will receive an email once your items have been shipped with information to track the shipment. A signature is required for delivery of your parcel. In the event no one is there to receive the parcel it will be shipped to the nearest Post office. It will remain there to be claimed. If it is not claimed within 7 days it will be returned to ‘Warriors of the Divine’ in Bali, Indonesia. The retailer will be charged to re-ship the order in this event.


As Warriors of the Divine is a wholesaler and online retailer, we offer the following commitments to support our store retailers:

  • We will redirect any customer to you that we believe to be in your vicinity, rather than attempt to process the order online. To facilitate this, we ask for your commitment to our brand to stock a variety and reasonable representation of our label all year round in order to receive our sales support. We ask you as a stockist to stock our Angel Wing kimonos (Silk or Rayon) and keep at least 6 -8 on hand at all times.
  • ‘Warriors of the Divine’ can provide you with images and video from our range at your request to assist your promotion of the clothing and your online social media platforms such as facebook and Instagram. We ask that you don’t adjust these images in any way i.e. please do not crop or add filters on Instagram without seeking our permission first.
  • ‘Warrior of the Divine’ will only 3 – 4 discounted specials online per year (as to not compete with our retail stockists) Usually, this is a Christmas special and a mid year special and a couple of ‘flash sales’ to sell out of end of styles. The specials usually run over a one – two week period and involve customers that follow ‘Warriors of the Divine’ online social media. They sometimes involve a double purchase (again, as not to compete with our retailers).

Instagram and Social Media

  • Our approach and philosophy with social media is to share and tag one-another. We believe as you grow, we grow and vice versa. As a stockist we ask that you please tag @warriorsofthedivine in your posts. We will support you, please tag us too so we can all grow and expand together. We will do our best to direct traffic to your store via our own social media methods and listing on our website
  • ‘Warriors of the Divine’ has a reasonable Instagram following of 13,000 followers now. We will continue to focus on this powerful social media platform and build on this following. If you wish to receive our sales support, we ask you as a stockist to stock our Angel Wing kimonos and keep at least 6 -8 on hand at all times. These have become a signature part of our label and continue to be our best seller. We can direct customers to your store if you have a variety of these kimonos (rayon or silk) in stock at all times. We have received feedback from disappointed customers who have been directed to stores to only find 1 or 2 to choose from. We would love to support our retailers and ‘Warriors of the Divine’ will promote and direct customers to your store if there are reasonable quantities purchased and ongoing in stock. We have found the stores that have committed to this arrangement have appreciated our support and continue to sell well for them.
  • We also encourage you to take high quality photos of our product hanging in your store, or on your retail sales assistants or customers purchasing them/trying them on. If your images are clear and of high quality and in line with the look and feel of our Instagram account we will most certainly regram your images. :)
  • We love developing our relationships with our retailers and enjoy promoting them. Usually, once a stockist has shown us a 6 -12 month commitment in this way we will send a photographer to the store to have personalized photos taken to promote your store on our Social media account accounts. We are also open to different approaches to promote our Online Stockists.
After reading our terms and conditions, if you would still like to continue to begin your process to set up an account as a stockist and access all of our look books and wholesale information, please fill out the form below and press submit. Your request will be answered within 2-4 business days.

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