“Vibrate The Cosmos” Leggings

“Vibrate The Cosmos” Leggings


Vibrate the Cosmos. The Cosmos Shall clear the path’ – Yogi Bhajan

These leggings are inspired by my kundalini yoga practice and the beloved Kundalini Guru ‘Yogi Bhajan’..

When he died, he left behind 5 ‘Sutras’ for this Aquarian Age we are now living in – the 5th one was the ‘Vibrate the Cosmos. The cosmos shall clear the path’. What does it mean? It means we can choose how we vibrate. We can navigate blocks in our lives and raise our vibration by chanting mantra and doing yoga. You can develop your abilty to open up to the unknown through intuition and sensitivity. Go beyond time to grab infinity. Expand into the vastness of yourself. Vibrate the atoms of the universe. VIBRATE THE COSMOS and transform your blocks into limitless potential..

These leggings have 2 beautiful features to remind you to ‘Vibrate the Cosmos.” They have a full moon cycle at the back of the bottom of the right leg and the words ‘VIBRATE THE COSMOS’ and a couple of specifically placed cheeky moon crescents on the hips and bum. Then, sewn into the left hand ankle seam are 7 Swarovski crystals to help you balance your chakras and remind you to keep in harmony and balance.

We proudly produce these leggings under fair-trade working conditions.

XS: Aus 6-8
S: Aus 10
M: AUS 12

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Composition: 82% Polyester 18% Lycra, Locally sourced in Bali Indonesia.

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Care: Gentle Machine wash, Cold water.  Dry inside out to prevent fading or dry in shade.


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