Be There With Bells On – Tunic

Be There With Bells On – Tunic


This dress is my staple. Ask anyone in UBUD and they’ll tell you I’m in my wings or I’m wearing this TUNIC or my ‘Gone to GOA’ Kaftan which is very similar. This dress is soooo good I have made it in 2 options for you – a beautiful soft Indian cotton crepe in white and also a gorgeous rami blend in off white/cream.

This dress is designed to uplift you and others and get you into your higher self – hence the name ‘Be There With Bells On’! The style of this dress is simple and sophisticated and I originally created it because I am a kundalini yogi and we like to wear white! Why? No, it’s not a cult! it’s because wearing the color white helps you radiate your aura the most bright with the most impact!

Its the perfect dress to say your prayers in and also to wear to kirtan. I featured little indian bells on the sleeves so you can shake along at kirtan – even if no one will give you a shaker!

Made ethically with love, this divine ‘Be There With Bells On’ Tunic also features hand sewn Swarovski crystal detailing on the right hand side to help you keep your chakras in balance. There’s also a mala bead for you to set your own mantra and intentions for yourself so every time you wear your tunic you can be reminded to tune into the vibration you wish to create.

This dress is made by beautiful Artisans in Ubud, Bali. They work in a healthy and safe work environment with fair trade conditions and wages.

Avail in 2 sizes: XS/S Aus 7-11 and S/M Aus size 10-14. Model is a size 8 and wears size XS/S . 175cm tall.



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Composition: Avail in 2 materials: 100% Cotton Crepe – white, or 100% RAMI (like a thin linen but softer) – Off white

Pre -order: If this item is avail for pre-order, in general you can expect your order will be made within 2 – 7 weeks of your order date and then delivered. In some cases it will be delivered earlier if possible. To help you understand, If your order is avail for pre-order we would have ordered that style on the 1st of that month or the 1st of the month prior. From the order date items are completed within 4-8 weeks.

It is good to pre-order as if there is a wait list for the item, pre-order will place you on this list and give you priority. You are required to pay for your item in full as a pre-order.

Care: We recommend you hand wash this dress and please wash separately.  Med Iron. Iron inside out. For best results lightly spray with water prior to ironing.


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