Be a Rainbow – Kaftan

Be a Rainbow – Kaftan


‘Be a Rainbow’

True story. One day I was day dreaming and I daydreamed that GOD came down from the sky in the form of a human and said ‘Lisa, you can only wear one item of clothing for the rest of your life. Choose now’. I thought about it and this dress is what was created from that daydream and that question. This is what it would be. I would choose to wear this rainbow kaftan dress and be a rainbow for the rest of my life. Be a Rainbow – for yourself and for all of the people in your life.

To make the material for this kaftan-dress we hand tie-dye the material with the colors of the rainbow to eventually get this beautiful combination of pastel vibrance and color!

This dress features 7 Swarovski crystals and 1 Mala bead sewn into the side seam. The crystals are there to balance your Chakras and the Mala bead is there for you to set your own Mantra on when you receive the dress. Then, when you wear the dress you are reminded to vibrate that mantra all day or all night long. Mantras I like to use are ‘I am enough’ or “I am beautiful’ but you choose whatever works for you! x

Designed to wear with just your bare-feet, or team it with some sandals and a bag. Perfect for kirtan or before and after yoga.

We proudly produce our clothing under fair-trade working conditions. :)

Avail in 2 sizes, XS/S ( AUS 7-11 or S/M AUS 11-14)

Model is a size 9 and is wearing a XS/S.

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Composition: 100% Viscose Slub, tie-dyed by hand.

Pre -order: If this item is avail for pre-order, in general you can expect your order will be made within 2 – 4 weeks of your order date and then delivered.

It is good to pre-order as if there is a wait list for the item, pre-order will place you on this list and give you priority. You are required to pay for your item in full as a pre-order.

Disclaimer: We make this material ourselves by hand.  Any inconsistencies should not be considered as flaws, but as an integral part of the garment and indication of it’s hand made process. As colors are individually mixed by hand for each production, colors may vary by 10%.

Care: For best results long term we recommend to hand wash this Kaftan dress. If you must use a machine, gentle machine wash or hand wash cycle with cold water and place item in lingerie bag for protection. Med Iron. Iron inside out. For best results lightly spray viscose with water prior to ironing.

Hand Made: The material we use to make this dress is made by hand and is boiled to complete the  process and set the color. Therefore, you will experience no color run or shrinkage with this item. After washing, Please dry in shade to avoid fading from the sunlight.

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