Warrior Retreats

At ‘Warriors of the Divine’ we believe that life should be about balance and fun. We also believe that walking this earth as the true expression of who you are is the biggest gift you could ever give yourself or anyone else.

Our retreats are about realigning you to your deepest truth, purpose and balance so that you feel clear, vibrant and can joyfully move through life with more ease, clarity and an abundance of energy.

Together, we will find this realignment through diet, gentle cleansing, restorative practices, coming together in celebration and ceremony, connecting with nature, rest, relaxation, fun and FASHION. Feel confident that we only engage the best of the best practitioners to support you on this wonderful journey.

As a fashion label running a retreat, one of the main focuses is to shine the light on and explore how we are choosing to present ourselves in life.  Our clothing is for women who carry the mantra ‘I believe in angels, I rely on miracles’. Our ethos around fashion is to encourage all women to dress from the expression of their true selves as ‘DIVINE’ – as their true selves as ‘ENOUGH’.

Our retreats focus on working on realigning with your inner self  to the vibration of  love and self acceptance. Everything is a vibration, so how we choose to dress is also part of that vibration. When we dress from a ‘lack’ mentality – for example “I will wear this dress to fit in” or from competition with another women – “I want to look the best” then immediately you walk around emitting a sub conscious vibration that “I am not enough’. When you wake up and dress from a place of choice and self expression for example ‘ I am beautiful, I am me, I am creative, I am fun, I am a Goddess, I am sacred’, you carry this vibration through the clothing and shine it out to the world.

It is our offering that as part of each retreat, there will an opportunity (outlined in each information pack) to be part of selecting or hand making a piece of Warriors of the Divine clothing where you will be given the opportunity to infuse your intention, prayers and connection to your true self into that piece.

After reading this information, if  there is a  calling for you to join one of our retreats then  we look forward to welcoming you soon with open arms for a beautiful, transformative and heart opening experience.

Please check below to see what retreats are currently on offer. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to Email Us.


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